logs for 1990-2007
The Adventures of Sailing Vessel Flipper
Below is a short accounting of the first 16 years aboard Flipper. We have kept it to one page in the
hope that it will be read.  For those who feel we left them out, we apologize.

My Dad found S/V Flipper (then S/V Nosaya) in Milford Ct.  We purchased S/V Flipper 1 August 1990
shortly after we were married and returned to the US.

Monica took delivery from the former owner, and a week later we sailed Flipper to Little Creek, Va.
where Phil's ship, USS Yosemite, was being overhauled.  We remained in Virgina for about 4
months and then sailed Flipper down the ditch to Jacksonville, Fl.

In Jacksonville, Fl. we made numerous trips to St. Augustine, Fl., Fernandina, Fl. up the St. Johns
river, Ft. George and other nearby coastal spots.  Monica did a great job at keeping Flipper afloat and
running smoothly while Phil was deployed.

In 1992 we moved from Jacksonville Fl. to Savannah Ga. via 6 weeks in the Abacos.  The Bahamas
were so alluring that we made two more 4 week trips during the 4 years we were in Savannah Ga.  
We were members of the Geechee Sail Club and continue to enjoy friends we met there.  Our
parting memory was leaving Wilmington inlet as the Olympic sailors were starting their first race.  
We sailed offshore to Georgetown, NC and then North on the ICW to the Chesapeake and then up
the Potomac to Washington, D.C.

We were in Washington, DC Summer of '96 through Summer of '98 and stayed at Gangplank Marina.
Phil traveled a lot and Monica worked at one of those 3 lettered federal organizations.  Flipper
received several key modifications including a combination Washer / Dryer.

Summer 1998 we headed towards Philadelphia via Martha's Vineyard.  We sailed down the
Chesapeake and offshore to New England.  We then sailed Long Island Sound to ports familiar to
Phil from his childhood in CT.  This was a great opportunity for family to visit us onboard while in
cruising mode, not far from their homes.  We were in Philadelphia until Summer 2000.   S/V Flipper
was moored, and we lived at Pier 5 in downtown Philadelphia.  We managed to explore the upper
navigable reaches of the Delaware river the C&D canal and did some exploring of the upper
Chesapeake.  One of the most memorable trips was taking Flipper and many of our friends to the
Army-Navy game, med mooring at the foot of the Naval reserve basin and walking up to the stadium.
 We purchased a 14 foot Boston Whaler which was named SPINNER after the dolphin species,
which we used to explore the back rivers and creeks surrounding us.

Summer of 2000 Flipper was transported over land from Philadelphia, Pa. to Biloxi, Ms. as Phil's
changes in command prevented a leisurely trip down the east coast.  From 2000 to 2003 Flipper
was moored at Point Cadet Marina in Biloxi, Ms.  We had to sortee her three times up into the back
bayous for hurricanes while we were there.  We enjoyed great friends, the Panhandle of Florida,
Mobile Bay, and the barrier islands off the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Again we made extensive use of
our skiff to explore the bayous along the coast.

Fall of 2003 Flipper was transported over land from Biloxi Ms. to Beaufort, NC due to scheduling
considerations (Phils Job again).  We sailed her up from Beaufort to Capital Yacht Club in
Washington, DC. where Katherine Lucia was born on May 1, 2004.  Major alterations were
performed to transform the Vee-berth into a nursery.  Until the recent opening of the new Woodrow
Wilson bridge (over the Potomac, part of the Washington, D.C. beltway) sailing was rather restricted
in D.C. due to the bridge opening only in the middle of the night and with much notice.  Flipper
remained mostly pierside.  During this time, Phil restored two 22 foot IOR sail boats which we used
to scratch out the sailing itch in the upper Potomac.