Our principal mode of personal and confidential voice communication is via our cellular
telephones.  We both have large nationwide roaming plans and we don't mind using the minutes.  
S/V Flipper is equipped with a preamplifier and high gain antenna which extends our cellular
coverage to a nominal 20 miles in remote areas.

For non-personal and local marine communication we monitor channel 16 VHF and DSC 24 hours a
day.  S/V Flipper's VHF antenna is 57 feet above the water and has a nominal range of 25 miles.  S/V
Flipper is also equipped with HF SSB capability on both Ham and Marine frequencies.  We also have
satellite phone with intermittent availability.

Our electronic communication is via our email
SailFlipper@YAHOO.com account.  We can access
this account when we are in cellular range and accept all size files when we are in good coverage
areas.  When we are transiting we request you limit your email size to 50K as we set the ISP to
limit the size of what is forwarded when we are in fringe service areas.  It is helpful to send us a
short text message if you intend to leave a large email.

Our regular mail is forwarded to us upon our request at our next port of call, or monthly.  We also
have regular mail and shipping deliveries when we are in Washington, DC.
S/V Flipper's call sign: WAP 3673
Phil's call sign:  KB3WAF

  • Cellular # :  (202) 247-8352       Phil's Phone
  • Cellular # :  (228) 596-0812       Monica's Phone
  • Italian Cell#: 011 39 (320) 144-0389  Phil's Italy Phone
  • Italian Cell#: 011 39 (320) 144-7149  Monica's Italy Phone

  • Washington DC :
S/V Flipper
1000 Water St. SW #21
Washington, DC 20024

  • While Cruising :
S/V Flipper
411 Walnut St.,   #3920
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043-3443
Communication information
How to Contact S/V Flipper and Crew